Biobanque de Picardie is located at the heat of the Amiens University situated one hour from Paris. It is a bank of biological samples and data dedicated for scientific research.
Certified ISO 9001 and NFS 96-900, Biobanque de Picardie is an accredited Biological Resources Center providing quality and traceability services for establishment, conservation and use of biological samples collections.

Biobanque de Picardie is a secure repository where biological samples are stored for medical and research purposes. These biological samples are linked to consenting patient relative data.

The different scientific activities taking place in the Biobanque de Picardie make it an important center for biological research (genomics, proteomics, etc.). These activities are at the starting point for the development of new generation of diagnostic tests and targeted therapeutics (“personalised medicine”) for a better patient clinical care.

Biobanque de Picardie follows the French ethical guidelines, regulations and laws especially the articles L.1131-4 and L.1243-2 of the French Health Code.

Biobanque de Picardie has financial support from the French Ministry of Research and the FEDER for the acquisition  of new cryopreservation equipments.

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